How to update Leaves for New Year?

How to update Leaves for New Year?

Suppose we are allowing leaves for the new year 2022, follow these below-given steps:

**Note: Always generate the leave report for last year before transferring to next year from Custom report>Leaves

Step 01: First go to Leave >Leave allowed/Entitlement> Select the Employee Group and Year e.g here 2021 and click the Go button


Step 02: It shows all last year's allowed leaves. If you want to allow/entitle the same number of leaves to the year 2022.
Click the COPY LEAVE TO NEXT YEAR button

Step 03: It goes to this page, and will show Leaves Allowed for 2021 and Leaves Allowed to the next year 2022. Click the SAVE button to proceed.
And you will get the message Leave Allowed updated successfully.

Step 04: Then, select the Year 2022 and click the GO button. All the allowed leaves for the Year 2022 under the selected EMployee group reflects.
Now, if you want to update these leaves, under Employee >Leave Info >2022. Then, click the COPY LEAVE TO GROUP'S EMPLOYEES.
A successful message will show.

Step 05: From here, Employee>Leave info> the Year 2022: Enter  CYL  for annual leave and UPDATE it.

** If there are pending annual leaves from the last year and you want to transfer in the new year, then follow this link:

                                                                                                                                                                  Product Version: SMEPayrollTM Version 11
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