How to Transfer leaves to next year

How to Transfer leaves to next year

Leaves can be transferred from one year to another.
HR or any other User Group user with an appropriate right can transfer leave for an employee from different employee groups.
To transfer the leaves follow the given steps:

Step 01: Go to “Leave” Module, then select the "Transfer".

Step 02: After this go to the "Leave Transfer" tab.    


Step 03: Select the "Employee Group" from the drop-down list. Enter the number of forwarding leave, select year for leave transfer, and click the "GO" button.


Step 04: The employees are populated into the grid with the information based on the selection. Then, select the checkbox corresponding to the employee's name and click the "Transfer Leave"  button. 


Step 05: Once transferred “Successful Alert” appears.
For Example:
Employee Test1 has 14 days as last year(2019) leave balance. The company policy only allows 10 leaves to be carried forward.And the current year(2020) leaves allowed by the company are 14 days.The leaves available would be 10 days Last year leave + 14 days Current year leave = Total 24 days leave.After the transfer, the transferred leaves can be viewed under the “Leave info” of that employee profile.

Note: Currently only Annual Leaves are transferred from this module, other leave types are to be entered manually under employee profile.

Product Version: SMEPayrollTM Version 11

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