How to submit IRAS through API ?

How to submit IRAS through API ?

Following are the steps to follow for submission of IRAS via API  

1. log in to the system as SUPER ADMIN ( Only super admin user can perform IRAS)

2. Go to Report Module > IRAS

3. Key In Username, Password, and Company (Please note that the Year Of Assessment must be one year ahead ) > Click Login

4. Click IRAS Setup

5. A. Click the Global Address Update checkbox > Select the Address Type
    B. Press the Green button beside Year Of Assessment to show the IRAS for each employee

6. A. Click Generate button to generate the IR8A for all employees
    B. Click on IR8A ICON can setup the APPENDIX A, APPENDIX B, Benefits in Kind, etc

7.  After filling up the information related to APPENDIX A, and APPENDIX B > Calculate and Save

8. Click on IR8A 

9. Select the date for Bonus Declaration and Director Fee Approval > Click the Green Button to proceed

10. A: DETIAL PDF - Generate employee’s Yearly Payroll Report
      B: IR8A PDF – Generate employee’s IR8A file for employees

11. Select Employee > Select A8A & A8B > Click SUBMIT VIA API

12.  After Click SUBMIT VIA API, the system will go to the validation page > check Company Info > Check Generated IRAS Files > Click Validate button to proceed with Validation

13  After during validation process, there will have two statuses. 1. Success (All fields are correct) 2. Failed or Error (Some fields are missing or wrong information inputted)

Users can print reports to check Income and deduction > Click Submit button (The system will jump to the Government website which will require SingPass)
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