How to key in the salary increment?

How to key in the salary increment?

To key in the salary increment, follow these given steps:

Step 01: Go to the "Employee" module and click "Employees".


Step 02: Edit the "Employee" and go to "Progression Info" tab. 

Step 03: Under the "Progression Info" tab, enter the Latest increment date as "Effective Date" and "Basic Pay/Pay Rate" with the Correct "Progression Reason"


Step 04: Click "Update Pay Record" to update the changes.    
NOTE: Always follow your organization's specific procedures and guidelines when making changes to employee records, and consult with your HR or payroll department if you have any uncertainties. Additionally, make sure you are authorized to make such changes in the system. Ensure that proper documentation of the salary increment is maintained for record-keeping and auditing purposes.
It's essential to communicate the salary increment to the employee. This can be done through an official notification, a meeting, or any other communication method your organization uses.
Product Version: SMEPayrollTM Version 10

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