How to forfeit Last Year Leave (LYL) and what is the expiry date for Last Year Leave (LYL)?

How to forfeit Last Year Leave (LYL) and what is the expiry date for Last Year Leave (LYL)?

Users can carry forward the last year's annual leaves into the next year. And can set the forfeit/expiry date for these forwarded leaves.

The concept of Forfeit leave means, the amount of last year's leave that is not taken by an employee within the given period of the annual leave cycle will be discarded and can not use them.

Follow the steps, to add the forfeit date for leaves.

Step 01: First check the Last year's leaves from the Employee profile>Leave tab.

Step 02: Go to Admin>Manage company > Preferences setup>(B) Leave Forfeit: select the date here, click the Forfeit leaves button, and save the changes by clicking the Save button. (After this saved date, the user can not use his last year's leaves).

The next thing is how can we check when the leaves will get expire/be fortified.
For this, a dialogue box will be prompted to your leave request page, like this.

                                                                                                                                           Product Version: SMEPayrollTM Version 11
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