How to export reports?

How to export reports?

To export reports to PDF/Excel/CSV or to Print.
First, we have to generate the report. Follow the below-given steps:  
Step 01: Go to the Reports module. Click "Report"


Step 02: Click on the particular tab for a particular report. 


 Step 03: To see all the reports under one tab, click "All Reports"

Step 04: To generate a report for Employee Aging report, go to the Employee tab and click "Employee Aging Report"


Step 05: Select "Department", "Date" and "Employee name" and click on the "Generate Report" button. (Select the Include Inactive Employee button if required)


Step 06: It shows the report as below. The export option is available  on the top, as here export to Excel and PDF button.

                                                                                                                                                                                            Product Version: SMEPayrollTM Version 10
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