How to apply unpaid/no pay leave?

How to apply unpaid/no pay leave?

Kindly follow the steps shown in the video. 

In "Leave" module,  during the leave request select the unpaid/no-pay  Leave option from the "Apply Leave Type", fill other details and submit it.


Note: If the Unpaid/No pay leave option is not in the drop-down list, then add the leave type "Unpaid/ No Pay" leave in "Leave Type" under "Leave" module.
For this, click the "Add New Leave Type" button then add Unpaid/No Pay and insert it. 
Unpaid leave, also referred to as no-pay leave or without-pay leave, is a period during which an employee is allowed to be absent from work without receiving their regular salary or wages.
these leave types are built-in features so user does not requires to add them again in to the system.

Product Version: SMEPayrollTM Version 11

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