How to Generate & Submit IR8A Form

How to Generate & Submit IR8A Form

Before generating a file, kindly make sure “IR8A Setup” information is filled up under Admin Management. 

1. Go to Reports Management -> Click 'IRAS'.
2. Login with Username and Password -> Click 'IRAS Setup'     This step is to do some preparations for submission file generation.
3. Click the Green button. Users will see the list of employees. If the list doesn't display all employee names, click 'Generate'.
4. Click the 'IR8A' button at the rightmost column. Fill up the information and click 'Save'. This setup is to be done for all employees.
5.  Go to the main page and click 'IR8A'.6. Select 'File Type'.7. Key in the 'Bonus Declaration' date and 'Director Fee Approval' date.8. Click the Green button.

5. Tick the checkboxes for employee selection and click the “Generate IR8A XML” button.6. Save the generated IR8A file in a designated folder.

7. Run “Validation & Submission Application” and click “Next”.This software is to be downloaded from the IRAS Website. (

8. Click the “Browse” button and look for the file. Then click the “Validate” button. (Step 1)

9. Users will be allowed to click “Next” if there is no error in the file's validation. The below page is to check the summary of the IR8A file. (Step 2)

10. Click the “Login to Submit” button and it will navigate to the IRAS website. (Step 3)
11. Choose “My Organisation's/Business's Tax Matters” option and login with “SingPass or IRAS PIN”. 12. IRAS will display an acknowledgment page for successful submission.

Product Version: SMEPayrollTM Version 11

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