How does workflow work

How does workflow work

Smepayroll  Workflow enables automation of business processes during which documents, information, or tasks are passed from one party to another, and actions are performed according to a set of rules. Workflow provides many out-of-the-box components that business users and administrators can use to model their business processes .The following step by step instructions will explain how to implement payroll Workflow in Smepayroll.

Company Name: Sunrise Pte Ltd
Total Employees: 200
Requirement: Hierarchy structure Payroll authority Level:             
Finance Manager           
HR Manager             
Assistant HR Manager             
HR Executive
The scenario needs the top-level group to be able to view and manage employees belonging to lower levels.
The lower level group cannot view or manage employees in the top-level group.

Step 01: Create Work Flow name: To create a workflow name, Under the “Admin” module select the “Manage Workflow”. 

Step 02: From here click the "Add Workflow" button and enter the “Workflow Name”, we will use WORKFLOW 1 for this scenario.


Step 03: Create Workflow groups: For this, go to the “Manage Workflow Group” tab under “Manage Workflow”. Then click the "Add Workflow Group" button, enter the names accordingly.


Step 04: Create Workflow Levels { Hierarchy}:
For this move on to the “Manage Workflow Level” tab. From here select the Workflow name from the drop-down list, select the Workflow type, and select the payroll group name created in previous steps. Click the "Add Level" button to add the levels as shown in the figure below.

Step 05: Assign Employee to Workflow group

Finally, move on to the “Assign Supervisor/Employee to Workflow/Payroll Group” tab. Select the payroll Group Name and select the employee names from the left grid and Click the “Assign” button to assign the employee as members of the Finance Controller group. All the employee that is assigned to this group will have Level 1 rights .i.e will be able to view and manage employee from their group as well as lower groups.


Follow the same steps to assign an employee to other groups such as HR Manager, Assistant HR Manager, and HR executive.

Product Version: SMEPayrollTM Version 11
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