How to configure Fund information for an employee

How to configure Fund information for an employee

The fund amounts are computed automatically in the system based on the Gross salary of the employee. Different types of funds have different criteria that keep changing based on government rules. All the latest changes are incorporated in the system as and when released.

Step 01: To configure a fund type for an employee, go to the “Employees” under the "Employee" module.

Step 02: Click the particular “Employee Name” and go to the “Salary Info” tab, then go to “(F) FUNDS INFORMATION”.

Step 03:  Then, select the Race of the employee, the system will automatically assign an employee to a particular fund based on the Race.


For Example: If an employee is under Indian Race and wishes to contribute to the MBMF fund, change the race to Malay.
Chinese = CDAC                      
Eurasian =
Indian = SINDA                        
Malay = MBMF

The race relationship to the fund is just to facilitate the assignment, the race information is not sent to the CPF board.

Product Version: SMEPayrollTM Version 11

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