How to set up the bank information for an employee

How to set up the bank information for an employee

To set up the bank information for an employee, follow the given steps:

Step 01: Go to the “Employee” module and select the “Employees” from the drop-down list.


Step 02: Select the “Employee Name” and go to “Bank Info”. Here are two bank info sections "Primary Bank Information" and "Secondary Bank Information". Below image is 100% transfer to one account of an employee.

From the given picture the “PRIMARY BANK INFORMATION” details are as follows:

Pay Mode                              : Company’s Bank Account Number

(Available in the drop-down list)
GIRO Account No               : Employees’s GIRO Bank Account Number

GIRO Bank Code               : Employee’s Bank Code

GIRO Branch Code            : Employee’s Bank Branch Code

GIRO Account Name        : Employee’s Bank Account Name

The company can also make partial transfers to multiple accounts of an employee. Fill up bank information in the “SECONDARY BANK INFORMATION” section and click the “ADD” button. Once it's done, the percentage in the “PRIMARY BANK INFORMATION” section will be adjusted.

Step 03: Finally click the "SAVE" button to update the changes.

Product Version: SMEPayrollTM Version 11
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